Welcome to voicecraft.network

A network for unshackled philosophy and artful communication among generative peers.

What is the Voicecraft network?

Voicecraft.network is a culture-making portal and context for living philosophy; participation occurs in the careful contribution of discerning attention and authentic voice: so that more of the whole can be included, the parts can be distinguished with clarity, and visions of worthwhile becoming can be realised as hopeful in relationship.

What to expect

Interaction with curious and collaborative souls and the opportunity to develop artfulness in communication, spoken, written, and otherwise.

For instance: collaborative sensemaking, poetry and book discussion, generative games, multi-modal artistic experiments in synergy, research communities, and invitations to join in group sessions invoking various forms of transformative dialogical process and individual capacity building in the strength of voice.

To kindle, contribute to, and participate in the realisation of collective wisdom and generation of educational and inspiring artefacts.

And in general, the opportunity to practice the craft of voice in artful communication; to belong, to develop capacity, and to contribute to, and in, that mode.

How to help build

There are many ways to help build this community and create an environment of learning, artistic and cultural generativity, and connection.

Currently, a primary way to find the others and cohere is through dyadic and group dialogues, games, and various modes of discussion. 

But one arc of this project is to transform and deepen the questions most resonant in the zeitgeist and its undercurrent.

In the feeling toward that end, there have been many conversations and experiments with community events that have danced with the question: how can we summon the wisdom required to effectively navigate this transitionary moment for humanity? -- and so many others in nestled, kindred relation to this.

Many diverse hands, hearts, ears, minds, and voices are needed to relate in modes of coherence, in order that this ship might responsibly hope to continue its orientation by way of a good flow.

The podcast

Voicecraft.network emerged from the Voicecraft podcast and is open to move beyond it. 

The Voicecraft podcast curates philosophical art with visionaries and resonant souls. These are experiments in synergy with interests in the fundamental dynamics of psyche, nature, and civilisation.

Recurring themes include the relationship between science and spirituality; culture-making and wisdom; psychedelics and meaning; the metaphysics of what to care about; the emergence of living archetypes, and the philosophy of networks in a time of meta-cultural transformation.

Subscribe to the podcast here.

An invitation

This network seeks to enable integrous relationships and wiser participation in the world, and invites you to join in synergistic artforms of communication, education, and discovery.

And while humour's a little tough to include in a web page like this -- absent memes at least -- let's whack a nod over to the importance of humour. 

Low risk, low reward jokes might be safest.. but we'll need a little more than that to navigate the waters that really matter--the kinds of things more helpfully spoken about in the context of a decent membrane. 

Discernment on the Way,

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