Welcome to Voicecraft.Network

Where voice becomes craft.

What is the Voicecraft network?

Part of the Voicecraft project, the Voicecraft Network is a veiled port in the storm of culture. Participating here will cultivate your capacity to think, feel and speak with depth and authenticity, while developing artfulness in communication and philosophy.

Memberships are currently open for application.

The following two videos feature members of Voicecraft describing their experience of participation.



Inside you'll find:

Research Expeditions, Freeform conversation sessions, Elder Circle events, high quality member created podcasts and much more, set in a living field of potential that welcomes unique member contribution to its shaping.

In short, there is a quality of learning possible here that's not very easy to find. We have found that members who participate build friendships and camaraderies which provide a port of call through the noise of digital culture, shaping the way for wiser projects in the world.

You're as likely to interact with an artist or a dancer as you are a philosopher, scientist, therapist, entrepreneur, coder, or cultural transformation enthusiast.

If there's a thread that links the qualities of members here it's difficult to name. But perhaps it's fair to say a binding link is an appreciation for embodied philosophy that incorporates both thinking and feeling into a coherent flow of dialogic exchange.

This is a place where the language of soul is welcome to dance with the rigour of thinking through complex dynamics of culture and scientific inquiry. A place where the intelligences of body, heart, and mind are welcome to engage the deep and emergent mythos of who and what we are in this process of life and civilisation. 

If you've listened to the Voicecraft podcast then you'll have a good sense of the living conversation found inside the space. Topics range broadly but consistently share a thematic interest in the relations between psyche, culture and nature. Below you'll find a late 2023 network session in response to themes of War & Unity, and after that a session where members reflect and expand on recent themes in the podcast (released Feb 2024.)




As described by our members:

Q: How would you describe the Voicecraft Network?

"An online network that explores many of the most essential and timely ideas in an embodied way. Focus is put first and foremost on the quality of relating to each other." - Ethan Wells

Q: What do you value about participation in the Voicecraft Network?

"I value the depth and comprehensiveness of the dialogue and the genuine care that is consistently present in interactions on the network." - Tom Lyons

"I value the invitation to shape, respond and create content. There is a feeling of growing with, and a trust in future support and potential." - Taryn Ossowski

"Its rawness is what I appreciate most. Yes, there is a certain level of structure, but it always has a very organic feel. There is lots of space for each member to 'show up' in their own unique way." - Andy Renwick

"It’s been a thrill to witness the emergence of a collective voice between the people who participate. 

"Voicecraft has helped me to become more playful with my voice, more willing to let it develop, rather than staying silent unless I’m sure I can drop the perfect phrase with the exact meaning I wish to convey (it doesn't work like that, anyway!). 

Being able to open up in the context of people who I know are giving me the benefit of the doubt, and wanting to help me add my own voice–even if it’s messy and imperfect— is so valuable." - Jess Vozel

You can read many more member testimonies here.

On joining:

You won't find rules or a code of conduct pinned on a wall here. 

For that reason, what really matters is the integrity with which we comport ourselves, the dignity with which we treat each other, and the courage, care, and spirit through which we mutually create a context worthwhile to participate in.

This is a place of depth, breadth, and levity.

If you would like to apply to join, then you can do so by responding to a small set of questions below. You will not need to provide any payment details to make your application, though it will ask you to choose a plan. You will however need to enter some account creation info in order to apply.

The questions have a 500 character limit, and you can submit them via the app, or in an email to the address below if you would like to write more. 

You can also contact Tim with any questions at [email protected]

There is a spirit of participation here which welcomes a relation with opposites, tensions and paradox.  As deep as such process is, it can be approached with lightness and sensitivity, helped on its way by attunement to the beauty already available to perception. 

This network is an evolving process seeking to cultivate a local commons, while remaining in dedication to a commons far broader. Hopefully, contribution to this broader commons is afforded both in the sense of network led learning and creation, and also via the organic by-product of cultivated relationships grown here, which naturally flow far beyond whatever boundaries and limitations there are to this space.

Voicecraft.Network is hosted on Mighty Networks, which you can think of as a private communication platform. 

It provides many of the helpful features of social networks like individual and group private messaging to other members, event creation, private spaces, a mobile app, forums, polls, live-streaming, rich content sharing, and more.