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A network for artful communication, philosophy for living, and wiser action in the world.

What is the Voicecraft network?

Voicecraft.network is a well-held port in the storm of culture: a place to connect with others through depth and levity, and to participate in the cultivation of wisdom by sharing discerning attention and crafting authentic voice. 

Some of what may be found within:

Interaction with curious and collaborative souls and the opportunity to develop artfulness in communication and the craft of voice.

For instance: collaborative efforts toward sharing knowledge and developing understanding about matters of psyche, culture, and nature. About matters of being, the structures we participate in and which influence us, and the dynamics of stability and change which condition our possibility. 

From a view closer to the ground: different modes of hosted discussion which have previously taken the form of: 

  • Reflective dialogue in response to shared reading (previously: Buckminster Fuller's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.
  • Internally shared podcast recordings available to members only, including interviews of members, by members.
  • The opportunity to attend research groups and courses
  • Freeform sessions -- open attendance for improvisational transformative dialogue -- and other forms of hosted sessions centred on Storytelling.

Other affordances of the network include: pathways to participate in artefacts which seek to share value to the broader commons; a repository of many recorded network sessions and intra-network podcasts; and whatever else naturally develops through connecting with other members and meeting here or elsewhere. 

Voicecraft.network is hosted on Mighty Networks, which provides many of the helpful features of social networks like individual and group private messaging to other members, event creation, private spaces, mobiles apps, forums, polls, and more.

How to help build

There are many ways to help build this community and create an environment of learning, artistic and cultural generativity, and connection.

One arc of this project is to transform and deepen the questions most resonant in the zeitgeist and its undercurrent.

In the feeling toward that end, there have been many conversations and experiments with community events that have danced with the question: how can we summon the wisdom required to effectively navigate this transitionary moment for humanity? -- and so many others in nestled, kindred relation to this.

On applying to the network and the Voicecraft podcast

Voicecraft.network emerged from the Voicecraft podcast and is open to move beyond it. 

The Voicecraft podcast intends to host vital conversations and efforts toward synergy, with interests in the fundamental dynamics of psyche, nature, and civilization. 

In the same mode as interaction found here in the network, these conversations weave intuition and intellect, heart and mind, body and soul, in the context of explorations into the nature of what matters.

If you are interested to join the network, then investing some time listening to the podcast first will provide a sense of conversational openness and intention toward interaction found in the network.

At the present moment in 2022 the network finds itself in an acute phase of evolution. Barring some exceptions, the network has been unable to welcome new members for the last few months on account of energy available to address those seeking to enter, and the development of protocols to help in this process.

So too are different funding schemes being explored. Thus far there has been no fee to join, but as the network grows, this may have to change.

You are however welcome to apply, and encouraged to take your time in response to the questions asked in the application process. 

Thank you for sharing your time and energy.

Subscribe to the podcast here.

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