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A network for cultivating culture: kept by the craft of authentic, embodied voice.

What is the Voicecraft network?

Voicecraft.network is a well-held port in the storm of culture: a place to connect with others through depth and levity, and to participate in the cultivation of wisdom by sharing discerning attention and crafting authentic, embodied voice. 

The Voicecraft Network is part of the Voicecraft project, which also features a media & events platform, and academy. Tim Adalin is the host of the Voicecraft Network.

Some of what may be found within:

Interaction that seeks artfulness in the sharing and cultivation of knowledge and understanding about matters of psyche, culture, and nature. About matters of being, the structures we participate in and which influence us, and the dynamics of stability and change which condition our possibility. 

Core to all of this are invitations to participate in the cultivation of culture and the craft of your voice, in real address and with response-ability, in a variety of interactions, privately and in more open contexts.

There are many types of network session, experiments in collective intelligence, and wiser group process in general.

You will find access to:

  • Reflective dialogue in response to shared reading and other forms of content. 
  • Internally shared podcast recordings available to members only, including interviews of members, by members, and collective journeys into understanding and developing core themes of human being, culture, and response to the world we live in.
  • The opportunity to attend, or apply, to research groups and courses.
  • Freeform sessions -- open attendance for improvisational transformative dialogue -- and other forms of hosted sessions centred on Storytelling.

Other affordances of the network include: pathways to contribute to creating content and context which seeks to share value to the broader commons, or inter-network space. Both in the formal sense of network led efforts, but also in the informal and natural by-product of developing relationships and creating with the others you meet here.

Voicecraft.network is hosted on Mighty Networks, which provides many of the helpful features of social networks like individual and group private messaging to other members, event creation, private spaces, a mobile app, forums, polls, live-streaming, rich content sharing, and more.

Voicecraft as described by its members

Q: How would you describe the Voicecraft Network?

"An online network that explores many of the most essential and timely ideas in an embodied way. Focus is put first and foremost on the quality of relating to each other." - Ethan Wells

"An interpersonal domain not dissimilar to sacred space in terms of its demands on individual meta-cognitive capacities, the relationship with transpersonal and phenomenological modes of being, and its potential to transform through the application of sensitivity and development of insight through participation." - Cameron D

“It’s a space where we meet for playful conversations about philosophical and spiritual topics, with a goal of becoming more wise and centered, and letting things intuitively emerge as they need to in the conversation.” - Jess Vozel

Q: What do you value about participation in the Voicecraft Network?

"I value the depth and comprehensiveness of the dialogue and the genuine care that is consistently present in interactions on the network. There is a rich authenticity that feels to be firmly grounded in a sincere collective commitment to the True, Good & Beautiful."

- Tom Lyons

"A lot I could say, but there are three things that seem to capture most of it. The first is a unique blend of heart-felt connection with philosophical exploration. The degree to which each gathering is rooted in the heart or the mind varies but in general they're both online in a way I find very attractive. 

Simply being around this affords a greater integration of these parts within myself. Second, Voicecraft consistently draws out a quality of self-expression that leaves me feeling more myself. In this sense, the name is quite fitting as participation in the network really has been crafting my authentic voice. The felt sense of care in each gathering allows subtle, unformed emanations of insight to crystallize and be articulated. 

Finally, I deeply value the emphasis that is put on the subtleties of conversational flow. Tim has a real knack for it, particularly in the context of philosophical explorations where he's able to weave multiple threads being shared by the group." 

- Ethan Wells

"I appreciate the recent explorations we've been on and I especially like the 'fine line' between the content provider and consumer. For ex: most, maybe all? the people I have met through Voicecraft are not just consumers. There is a very high quality of 'mind' present."

- Adriana Forte Naili

"[The Voicecraft Network] involves the opportunity to participate in various interactive spaces that feel alive, fluid, and disciplined with regard to depth of insight. There's a culture of willingness to listen and be heard, as well as many considerations underlying much of what happens or the direction of dialogical evolution.

There's also a fundamental compassion for the challenges associated with coming together and being involved in a world that seldom affords much more than survival and conformity.

The people involved are diverse and unique with regard to their capacities, insights, and ability to contribute to a dynamic and process that can enable an integration of awareness conducive to growth, individually and collectively.

[The Voicecraft Network offers] potential to be transformed through the act of participation."

- Cameron D

"I value the invitation to shape, respond and create content. There is a feeling of growing with, and a trust in future support and potential."

- Taryn Ossowski

"Its rawness is what I appreciate most. Yes, there is a certain level of structure, but it always has a very organic feel. There is lots of space for each member to 'show up' in their own unique way."

- Andy Renwick

"It’s been a thrill to witness the emergence of a collective voice between the people who participate. We each have our piece to hold, a shared desire to express it, and a shared orientation that allows us to play in a way that feels… important. There is weight to the ideas here—too much for one person to hold. The shared voice lightens the load, and is just plain magical to be there when it emerges. I also appreciate the cross-medium nature of Voicecraft. Tim has created a space where writing, visual art, philosophical dialogos, music and more can all work in tandem to cultivate a shared expression."

Jess Vozel

Q: What do you value about the content that the Voicecraft Network creates?

"The people, the tenderness, the ability of each member to see what arises between people not as empty space but an invisible garden that is made knowable in what blossoms in the words--all of this is 'shown' in the content, which makes me think of a glass-blower 'showing' an appreciate the craft. Voicecraft extends apprenticeship to a world of interaction and connection that hungers for mastery."

- O.G. Rose

Q: Is there any specific or general capacity or quality you feel you have developed or nurtured by virtue of engaging here? (1000 character limit)

"Voicecraft has helped me to become more playful with my voice, more willing to let it develop, rather than staying silent unless I’m sure I can drop the perfect phrase with the exact meaning I wish to convey (it doesn't work like that, anyway!). Being able to open up in the context of people who I know are giving me the benefit of the doubt, and wanting to help me add my own voice–even if it’s messy and imperfect— is so valuable."

- Jess Vozel

Q: Are there any specific or general capacities or qualities you desire to develop that you hope this context might afford? (1000 character limit)

"Just a further development of the above, mostly, as far as my own capacities of voice. From there, I also feel called to help others who feel held back in similar ways. I know far too many artists/thinkers who keep a lot locked inside, for fear of failing to meet their own high standards. It’s a cascade that then impedes the skill development that would afford meeting those high standards (or getting closer, anyway!). If such people arrive to Voicecraft, I would love to help."

- Jess Vozel

On becoming a member

In late August 2022, Voicecraft launched its first public course offering: Transformative Philosophy, which begins in early October 2022. Accompanying the launch of this course is an introduction of a monthly or yearly network membership in the form of monetary contribution.

You can read about the Transformative Philosophy course, currently in Early Bird Pricing, here. But the location to purchase it is below.

You won't find rules or a code of conduct pinned on a wall here. For that reason, the integrity with which we comport ourselves, the dignity with which we treat each other, and the courage, care, and spirit through which we create a context worthwhile to participate in: well, that's among what really counts at the end of the day.

If you are interested to become a Voicecraft.Network member but are not intending to take the course, that's great. A plan is available for $20USD per month. But for now, it's hidden, and you will need to request a link to access it. 

To request a link and respond to a small set of questions about your interest in becoming a member, (as well as to ask ask any questions of your own), contact Tim Adalin at [email protected]

You are also welcome to contact Tim with any questions about the course. But make sure to read about it first.

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